Alice Bell Ministry Center

Our Ministry Center is built in the space vacated by the old west educational wing in 2013. It is a multi-purpose facility housing educational space, meeting space, and a full-size basketball court that can also serve as a banquet hall, an auditorium or a concert hall. This space can be used for both church and community gatherings.


Classrooms and a kitchen form the perimeter of the building (with provisions for the addition of four more classrooms at a later date). Restrooms and shower facilities are also included. This design will provide facilities for both educational and recreational programs for children, teens, and adults. Basketball leagues, exercise classes, and other intramural-type sports opportunities can be accommodated by the building.

We are still open to suggestions for ministries and programs that will make it a tool that will address community needs.

If you have a suggestion regarding a ministry that would benefit your family, please e-mail us at:  Or you can phone us at 865-522-0137.



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