alicebellbaptistchurch Affirming the Bible by Believing and Caring for others. Sunday School 9:30AM Morning Worship 10:45AM Evening Worship 6:00PM Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:15PM
Study Handouts - AM Worship 010123_The Seasons of Life Handout 010823_2 Corinthians 9, 1-15 Handout 012223_Where God Guides Handout 020523_Nehemiah 1, 1-4 Handout
021223_Nehemiah 1, 4-11 Handout 030523_Nehemiah 2, 11-20Handout 031223_Nehemiah 3, Part 1 Handout 031923_Nehemiah 3, Part 2 Handout 040923_Witness of the Wagons, The Handout 050423am_Sacrifice as Worship _Worship Outline 051423am_Faith of Our Mothers Outline 052123am_The Significance Worship Outline 052823am_The Scent Worship Outline 060423am_A Life that Worships Outline 061123am_ the meaning of the Church Outline 061823am_Father's Day 062523_What is the Membership of the Church Outline 070223am_The Management of the Church Outline 070923am_The Message of the Church Outline 071623am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 072323am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 080623am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 081323am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 082723am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 090323am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 091023am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 100123am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 100823am_Focus Forward How to Keep the Vision Alive Outline 101523am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 102223am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 102923am_Lord's Supper Outline 110523am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 111223am_Claiming Our Canaan Outline 111923am_Counting Our Blessings 120323am_Christmas Outline